My Story


I am a lawyer, a yoga teacher, a writer, a wannabe surfer and an absolute foodie. 

I love travelling and exploring different parts of the world which is why I founded a Yoga and Surf retreat company called OHANA LIFE. I love to write and share my experiences and blog about a variety of different topics from travel to dating.  A topic which is very close to my heart is the eating disorder that I had during my time studying law at university and I write about it in the hope that my words can help others!

I started my yoga journey after getting injuries through running and other high impact sports. I fell in love with it after a few months. I love the physical aspect of yoga, the challenge and the movement, but more importantly the yoga philosophy and meditative side to yoga which has really impacted my life both on and off the mat.

My classes are usually a strong and steady flow with an emphasis on finding the softness in the strength and the calm amongst the chaos.  My classes are always accessible to all with something for everyone whether you're a seasoned yogi or have never stepped on the mat before! 

I like working with creative sequencing  to move the body in different ways, encouraging people to feel into their bodies and find out what works best for them.

I enjoy moving slow in order to engage every single muscle and develop muscle control. A practice for the physical strength & challenge but more importantly an opportunity to really listen in to your body, slow down and find release after we’ve built some heat. A chance to play and explore!

I've recently developed a Waveshape Class which is Yoga for Surfers. This has a focus on the breathe, mobility and stability. 

Music is an important element of my practice and I'm always creating new playlists to flow with the energy of the class.