3 Reasons why it is okay to cry in a yoga class

3 reasons why it’s okay to cry in your yoga class

I used to find crying embarrassing, a sign of weakness and I would do my best to never cry in public, especially in a yoga class. However, in a recent class, tears came pouring from my eyes as I was in Pidgeon pose. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I embraced the sense of weightlessness and space I felt from the release, I left the class feeling lighter then ever.

1.       It is better to let it all go.

Crying is a form of release. Some places in our bodies like our hips hold onto deep rooted emotions, so when doing heart openers or hip openers it’s very common for emotions to surface, even if there’s no trigger behind them. Crying helps these deep seated emotions release, allowing us to find more space in our bodies and move on from any of these old feeling we no longer need. It just felt as if a weight off my shoulders had been lifted even though I couldn’t pinpoint where these emotions were coming from.  Holding in emotions will create tension in the body, so it’s better to allow them to flow!

2.       It is okay to feel.

I used to spend a lot of time trying to repress any negative emotions I felt, like sadness, anger, frustration and jealousy because of the negative connotations such emotions have. However, I’ve learnt to acknowledge all my feelings, the good and bad. We are all entitled to feel what we want whether happy or sad. Just embrace whatever you feel with kindness and without judgement

3.       No one will mind.

I’ve always felt self-conscious about expressing my feelings in public and feeling vulnerable. I was worried that people would be looking at me and staring. However, Yogi’s are some of the most supportive and caring people I know. In fact, it was a beautiful moment to share. During this class, another student next to me, also a yoga teacher started to cry too. After the class she came up to me and gave me a hug. This connection to another person was so comforting and uplifting. Sharing emotions and feelings with others is a beautiful experience we shouldn’t shy away from.

So just remember, that it’s okay to cry or even laugh in your yoga practice. When you start to feel something in yoga, it just means that yoga is doing its work! So just observe what comes up with love and then let it go. 

Yoga Teacher Training Advice

5 Pieces of Advice for Yoga Teacher Training

I am fresh out of yoga school and here are 5 pieces of advice I’d like to share with others based on my experience.

1.       Go with a beginner mind

I was under the mistaken impression that I would leave my YTT having perfected numerous arm balances and fancy inversions. However, the yoga practice was really basic. Bear in mind, there is such a range of abilities, some seasoned practitioners and other beginners on the training. A very basic yoga practice took me a while to get used to, but it humbled me and allowed me to really perfect my technique and alignment in the core, foundational poses.

2.       Prepare to feel all kinds of emotions

I’m normally a pretty happy go lucky kind of person. But on the training all my emotions were heightened. I felt frustrated and was incredible irritated at times. But at others I was bursting with happiness. The increased self observation, meditation and silence really starts to bring up a variety of emotions even if you cannot pin them down to a certain trigger. Just observe and let go. Remember, we are not our feelings!

3.       Rest when you can

I find it difficult to really relax during the day and during our self-study breaks I would go on walks, maybe squeeze in some self-practice in the couple of hours. However, in the final week, this really took its toll. I was exhausted. Take power naps to restore your energy. When you have a quiet hour or so really use it for yourself. You’ll need it!

4.       Support your peers

Sometimes yoga can be competitive, with everyone comparing and assessing others. However, it’s important to create a support system and a community on your training. It makes the experience so much more fun and pleasant when you let go of comparisons. Everyone has been doing yoga for different periods of times and ultimately we all have different body types. I’ve made some incredible friends.

5.       Enjoy it!

While the YTT is really intense and tiring, it is also so much fun. Smile, Laugh and Let go! When else are you going to be surrounded by like-minded yogi’s doing so much yoga every single day